It is so intimidating to write something about yourself and by saying so, This had caused me too much pain and struggles what to place in this blog to describe myself to speak about me in this page. Just a little background, I am a graduate of ABMass Communication from Cagayan State University, Cagayan Valley. I am trying to reminisce my college days and it reminded of my brilliant professor who really inspired me to be a writer and it helped me a lot boosting my confidence that I can indeed succeed in this kind of field, a promising writing guru perhaps, (I wish!) 😀 (my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Ian Roger Franciso). Anyhow my friends also helped me much to boil down my entire self to come up with a common description about myself. To sum up what they mentioned, it flatters me whenever they say that I am a jolly or gay type of person, always in a possession of a positive outlook in life, witty in other words, but the only downfall is I am a tactless person at times. This is me at my first-rate version and  I believe in the principle that we need to live with the qualities that we possess however I feel bad about it somehow since its a damn morally repugnant behavior 😦  (I guess). And since this boo boo was already  brought to my attention, as a growing person, I somehow learned to be cautious and pleasing on my words at all times, especially my bread and butter is my voice and my thoughts (as a call center agent). One other embarrassing about me is, I can be a good friend for anyone but I am the least person whom you can talk to when you are financially catastrophic. 😀 You can always rely on me in everything specially when you are in trouble, other than financial concerns though. Nonetheless, what’s happy about this is, my friends would see me for who I am, and not for what I’m not because they  know that  I’M NOBODY, BUT MYSELF.

There  isn’t  much interesting about me. My life is a bit boring so I won’t expect everyone to really appreciate this masterpiece of mine, but then again, let me reiterate that I’m just writing this page for my dearest FAMILY with dedication and love. 🙂










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