Why julesprettywild?

My dear friends call me Jules, a simple Jules, I love adventure, and capturing those moments mean a lot to me.The feeling is stirring especially if you browse back the photos which draws memories, good or bad. Pretty, hmmmm…you may actually take it literally, LOL :D But that is actually tied with “wild” which makes it “pretty-wild” which best suits my personality as a whole. I would always appreciate the difference of taking risk rather than not trying anything at all which I may call it  pretty good and I owe this to my curiosity. I don’t really care about others as long as I’m not annoying anyone in whatever things I do because I’m a hundred percent sure that my sole goal is just to make everyone around me happy for what I am and what I’ve got. Wild because a lot of friends call me crazy, in a lot of serious and harsh situations, life would be much of stress if you deal with it. I’m a friendly, sociable and funny type of person leading me to be called as “sweetheart ng bayan” for some friends or some would call me a “supervisor’s pet” at my workplace. (huh?!) I totally believe them much for this, in a way,  yet I find it silly though. :) I don’t think they were trying to embarrass me for that. :) Julesprettywild speaks about me, it’s simple and precised.  🙂

What urged me creating this page?

I believe that everyone’s life is a diary in which he means to write one story, that in my case, I’m putting it into a written form just for a record. I’m considering this page my personal diary and since I value my life, I’ll make sure this diary will be helpful for me somehow to grow and inspire others through my words. I have the authorship how I’ll make my life colorful since I’m the owner of the pen. I am happy to share what I was lucky to receive from GOD. :) The greatest factor that inspire me writing this page are my friends especially my dear FAMILY. I’ve got dozens of lists scribbled but my family is the ultimate, My father and mother who are just vulcanizers and storekeepers respectively had raised me well with pride, sending me to a good and descent school had supported me all throughout my struggles. My elders had helped me a lot too (thanks Ateng, Kuyang, Ditse, Dikong and Sanse for the unending support). For my younger sisters Luningning and Babylyn who gave me the strength and encouragement, my loving cousins, to you, I dedicate this page.

Goal of this page?

I am a tourism advocate and I wish this could serve as a guide for tourists and travelers of all sorts, for them to discover what is called the paradise of CAGAYAN VALLEY. I’m just starting this page and in my continuous story for my trips, I wish this would help a lot to promote our province. My aim is to contribute by posting here whatever beauty that is worth sharing relevant to our dear province CAGAYAN VALLEY. And BTW I might not just be talking about the province now, I might also tour the entire Philippines soon. *winks* And for the improvement of the province as a whole, let’s start appreciating whatever attractions that we have to help improve our place and our country as a whole. :) I also wish to have an open and constructive communication among the individuals who visit this page, to share their experiences for the advancement of our future, by posting comments here. Your posts are much appreciated. Thank you! :)

So let me share these  to all of you folks, be here with me and my blog. :)











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